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The New Brave

by Cloudblaster

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Labsynth Some records are a trip; TNB offers a journey.
Drifting through utter surprises, Cloudblaster phagocytes any musical genre that will fit his multiverse in a masterful embrace, offering us this allusive peak into his constellation of unknown musical objects.
Tracks get haunted by unusual suspects (Prince, Ravel, DCD...), electrified maelstroms, waves of supermodified soundscapes, held together by an enigmatically intimate voice, ranging from violent abyss to cristalline ether.
A blast indeed. Favorite track: The Meadow.
Marshall Bolin
Marshall Bolin thumbnail
Marshall Bolin Wow, wow, wow! Nicholas has empowered droves of musicians to make their own music through the creation of the Immersion Composition Society and his book, The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook. Now, with this release, he offers the gift of his own songcrafting. All facets of my psyche are tickled/disrupted by The New Brave. Like all of my favorite art, The New Brave brings together the opposites in a way that seems so natural, you might not notice what unlikely bedfellows some of its elements are! Favorite track: World Without You And Me.
Samuel Mills
Samuel Mills thumbnail
Samuel Mills What I love about this record is, the mix of styles isn't jokey or played for jump-value...Cloudblaster is earnestly this far-out, sincerely having a great time baring heart, soul, blood, guts and ghosts (definitely a few of those lurking around) via the weirdest admixture of styles and textures I've ever beheld...but, gathered under the auspices of Dobson's unique vision, it all makes sense when you hear it. Which you should. NOW. Favorite track: A Drift Of Stars.
SuzieQSharky thumbnail
SuzieQSharky This album is a lush, groundbreaking trip into another world.

A great listen from end to end. Varied yet cohesive it takes you to the heights of elation and the depths of aching sadness. It escorts you through a cinematic landscape filled with dangerous delight.

A true cross-genre masterpiece. Favorite track: Rooms Get Haunted (Pavane).
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Hailing from a post-everything DIY reality of it's own, Cloudblaster's blend of warm experimental pop, fantasy film music, alt R&B, forest folk and art-damaged white metal makes "The New Brave" a love letter to fans of futuristic comfort music."


released October 15, 2014

All music written, arranged and orchestrated by Nicholas Dobson. Crucial audio/technical production and musicological wisdom by The StiKman at Polymorph Recording, Oakland, CA. Co-production on track 8 and big picture collaboration by SuzieQ Sharky. Home recording and additional production/mixing on tracks 2 through 8 by ND.

~featured musicians~

Nicholas Dobson - lead vocals, live and manipulated guitar, EZ cello on track 4, upright piano, bass guitar, subliminal drums on track 8, programming, screamed vocals on tracks 2 and 4, percussion, community, game music and treatments.

Michael Mellender - assorted brass on tracks 1 and 8.

Navene Koperweis - tech metal drums on tracks 2 and 4.

David Shamrock - all drums track 1, space rock section drums on track 4.

Dominique Persi - whispers and screams on track 4.

Darling Freakhead - screamed vocals on track 4.

Jason Slota - jazz drums on track 8.

Eric Wilson - down tempo drums on track 4.



~artist mgmt~



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Cloudblaster Oakland, California

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Track Name: World Without You And Me
Lay awake and wondering,
Are you cool or warm?
Inhabiting the maddening quiet,
Hoping for the storm.

But when those feelings aren't returned,
From one small notion bigger bridges bloom and burn
How will i look into my own face?
How will i stand the company of just me?

I feel that way a bit today
Sobered by you and I.
Where were you? Look at me.
All dressed up, nowhere to be.

Life keeps happening by itself,
Forgetting how things go.
With my own eyes is how i learned
What i still don't know.

So don't just say it for effect,
And i won't pretend to expect the truth.
So stroke my arm and snap my neck.
Just show me that i was correct, I'll go.

Only know what I feel,
And fantasy is not real.
Won't give what can't be retrieved,
Now that I don't believe.
Memory is a sieve,
With strange aeons life may live.

Wide open, in freedom see,
A world without you and me.
Track Name: A Drift Of Stars
Hissing ear just recursive noise floor to say.
Circle-worm digesting dreams of endless sky.
A million lights that stay and stay.
Sway fire of worlds - Blink far away.
Glow madder shades - Waste black to gray.
Drawl bed year refuse look away

Though we're all schemers here we keep pictures of old friends. (my life)

Noise bath where tones obsolesce in bedtime cheer.
Immaterial feast just me at least in here.
The idea of me hates the real me.
Fell asleep under your tree.
Touch my hand through a screen,
Woe the god dies a child should be.

The long despaired have slaves,
With their minds.
Tell me there is a smile
No one likes.
But there are miles and miles
Of storm drains.
And all your life they hate the smile.
When acquaintances get broken it helps not to think of them.
And even feel better in a dark movie theater.
(For you) though we're all schemers here we keep pictures of old friends.
It was all real.
Track Name: The Meadow
Sun line on forest edge.
Believed it never ends.
Nothing useful gets said in a dream.
It's past noon the line's moving.

Be gone where nobody else can go where i'm going
Wake up rush to write down what seemed like something,
But it's not something.
Like a golden age wood where i played.

Enduring the safety of houses.
Screwed up on the face of a late night peer.
Just selling the fever a mouse lived,
So believe everything that you hear.

In the normal light where the living wake,
Cold comforts replaced with something else that works just as well.
And that color white burns like a thrift store.
Halitosis and Old Spice like dying somewhere weird alone.
Happy on our shelf like a broken spell as micromedia empires fall.
Track Name: Rooms Get Haunted (Pavane)
Rooms get haunted until no one can live there.
You are not alone in this room.
Outside those aching stars,
and the moon waiting for you.
Lay outside and watch it glow,
and remember we are so many like you.
Just as many as these stars.
You could never count us all.

Please just rest here,
we know you.
You can be here,
We burn too.

And picture you for ever and ever.
Such glad possibilities take root in bad times like these.
Memory fade and there you'll be.

Please just rest here,
we know you.
You can be here,
We burn too.

Rooms get haunted until no one can live there.
There is nothing wrong with you,
and what you're waiting for is true,
and it also waits for you.
Track Name: Afterward
~for SuzieQ~

Walking where worshippers lived
Tall pale tree avenue

It’s here we begin

Iron key in trade,
from house down the way,
not forget a day

Here is where you’ve been

Storied stones
tell their own
Over churchyard wall our old house
tells a busy life safe at home

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